The Heath Fishing Magnet and Heath MagBasket™ Fishing Tools

Need tools?  The Heath brand oil tools are the most innovative and industry-friendly hardware on the market.  If it has the Heath "H" brand on it, you can count on unparalleled performance.

The Heath Fishing Magnet and MagBasket™ product line is a step change in technology and design advancements for cased hole and open hole fishing magnets.  The revolutionary design has a straight through center bore for bottom hole flushing and circulation.  After all, isn't putting a hole through the center pretty much step number one in downhole tool design?  Yeah, we thought so too.  By incorporating High Energy Rare Earth permanent magnets into the "business end" of the tool, the result is a line of fishing magnets that are stronger than any like-diameter fishing magnet tool available, and they NEVER NEED RECHARGING like all those old Alnico fishing magnets do.

With interchangeable guides that thread on the bottom of the magnet assembly, one tool covers multiple diameters.  Plus, the guides come in standard casing drift diameters so they can be run as gage rings. You don't have to purchase or inventory a different fishing magnet for every hole or casing diameter.  Due to the unique design, the holding force actually INCREASES when you thread on the larger diameter guides.

While we were dragging fishing magnet design into the 21st century, we found there was one more critical thing missing from those old style fishing magnets.  Everything that needs to be fished from a borehole is not always ferrous metal.  We couldn't think of a single instance where you would want to retrieve ferrous debris from the bottom of the wellbore, but leave non-ferrous debris in the borehole.  So, we added an integral junk basket directly above the magnet on our MagBasket tools.

Here is a summary of some of the features  The Heath Fishing Magnet and the Heath MagBasket™ deliver as standard equipment:

                            The Heath Fishing Magnet                 Heath Fishing Magnet O/S Guide
                                                                                                  The Heath Fishing Magnet      With Gage Ring Guide Installed                        
 End View of MagBasket Tool Shows Center Thru-Bore
         for Circulation and Bottom Hole Flushing

Download The Heath Fishing Magnet Data Sheet   

Download Heath MagBasket™ Data Sheet