drill string magnets

Heath Energy Products offers our modular MagClamp™ Drill String Magnet Systems that mount to any standard drill pipe diameter.  MagClamp Drill String Magnet Systems can be purchased as individual components, or already mounted on a drill pipe pup joint that is ready to run in the hole.  Heath Energy will also design and build custom drill string magnet tools, tubing string magnet tools and coiled tubing magnet tools to meet any non-standard or specialty string magnet application you may have.

magCLAMP™ drill string magnet system

Allow us to introduce to you the best value in drill string magnets and wellbore cleanout tools on the commercial market.

MagClamp on Pup Joint

The Heath MagClamp wellbore magnet  system is the most  versatile wellbore magnet system available. The  Rare  Earth Magnets are built right into the clamp housings.  The  MagClamp system utilizes the most basic component of any drill string, the drill pipe itself, as the  tool  mandrel. 

The Heath Energy MagClamp wellbore magnet system delivers the lowest price, greatest value wellbore magnet system in  the  Industry.  Whether  you choose to  run Heath MagClamps on a full joint of pipe or on a pup joint, the cost of a dedicated  magnet tool  mandrel  is eliminated.  

MagClamp wellbore magnet  systems  are the cost effective solution to wellbore cleanout prior to setting packers, remedial cleanouts, run below casing cutters, mills, perforating guns, and the like. They are equally effective as a permanent   installation on the bottom of your well completion.  MagClamps are the cheapest insurance your money can buy for your expensive well completion.  

The applications are endless and the choice is yours whether to run the MagClamps alone, with the debris holding SaddleMag Sleeves between MagClamps, or with the Heath Brush Hog casing brushes.  Run a set above a junk basket and a Heath Fishing Magnet for the most versatile and budget friendly wellbore cleanout tool suite available commercially. 

MagClamp Horizontal

        MagClamp mounted on drill pipe


 MagClamp Data Sheet