The safety-friendly HEATH QUICK-CLEAN DITCH MAGNET is one of a kind.  Utilizing an open flow-through design and the strongest Rare Earth Magnets applicable for drilling fluid application ensures even the smallest iron particles will be separated from drilling fluid flow and held until it is time to clean the magnet.   The 8" X 8" Stainless Steel end plates provide just the right stand-off for optimal separation of iron and other ferrous particulate from the drilling fluid.  The HEATH QUICK-CLEAN DITCH MAGNET has built-in handles and holes in each end plate for attaching a soft line, as well as allowing two magnets to be bolted end-to-end if more magnetic separation area is desired.  

Cleaning is simple, quick and safe.  Simply pull the pin that secures the fitted Stainless Steel sleeve section to the magnet end, and pull the magnet array out of the debris sleeve.  The flanged end of the debris sleeve allows the debris to fall free as the magnet is pulled out.  Once the magnet is clear of the sleeve, simply rinse the Stainless Steel sleeve section and reassemble in reverse order.  All the HS&E issues associated with cleaning standard type ditch magnets are eliminated with the Heath Quick Clean design.

HEATH QUICK-CLEAN DITCH MAGNETS are available in standard lengths of 18" and 12", and can be special ordered to any non-standard length you might need.  Overall lengths of 24", 30" and 36" lengths can be achieved by joining two standard length units together. 

QuickClean Open EndsQuickClean Iso ViewQuickClean End View


Heath MagBars are modular magnet assemblies that can be assembled in various configurations.  MagBars are typically used to separate any ferrous debris from drilling fluid, oil, water, bulk granular or powdered material.  Heath Magbars have a Stainless Steel outer tubular housing and end caps.  The rugged sealed unit is suited for either wet or dry operation.   The number and size of the magnets has been magnetically modeled to optimize the reach of the magnetic field and provide the best holding force to keep the debris in place until you are ready to remove the MagBars for cleaning.

The threaded ends of the MagBars allows them to be joined end-to-end if greater length is required.  They can also be bolted to Stainless Steel header plates to form a grid, so that the fluid or dry material being filtered must pass multiple magnets to ensure maximum separation of ferrous material. 

Complete grid systems built from MagBars can be supplied for drilling fluid discharge lines or for the treatment of produced water prior to reinjection.  Contact us by phone or e-mail with your required grid dimensions or for consultation.